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At Phelps Heating and Air  we provide servicing of ALL makes and models of heating and cooling systems. We specialize in custom fabricated duct systems, system repair, new installations, preventative maintenance, and any other heating or cooling requirement you may have, including gas furnaces, Heat Pumps, and GeoThermal systems. Phelps heating and Air has over 35 years experience in the field.

Air Conditioning Repair

Does it seem like your A/C unit always fails on the hottest day of the year? When you're in trouble, we can help. Since 1981 we have provided fast, 24-hour A/C repair by our NATE Certified technicians.

New Air Conditioners

Nobody likes to have to install a new HVAC system, but sometimes it just has to be done. When that does, Phelps Heating and Air are your installation experts! We'll provide the best size and best efficiency unit for your home or business. We want to earn your business! Let us give you a custom quote today.

  • 24 hour Emergency repair available
  • NATE Certified technicians
  • Can do repair work on all makes and models
  • Serving Atlanta and all suburbs
  • 10% Discount with our Comfort Club Program
  • Efficiency rating up to 21 SEER
  • Different size units to fit your home or business for maximum efficiency and cost
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Comfort and lower energy bills
Heat Pumps

Heat pumps both heat and cool your home year round. They are efficient and cost effective.

Air Handlers

Air handlers are what circulate the air. They are an extremely important and integral part of your complete HVAC system. The more efficient your air handler is the less work your outside unit has to do.

  • Efficiency rating up to 19 SEER
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Year round comfort and lower energy bills
  • Multi-stage fan motor available on some units adjusts speed to quietly provide maximum comfort.
  • Single or Variable speed motors available
  • Keeps temperature balanced
  • Quite Operation
  • Increases efficiency
  • Multi-stage fan motor available on some units adjusts speed to quietly provide maximum comfort.

GeoThermal Comfort Systems

This system circulates a water-based solution through a "loop" of small-diameter, underground pipes. Heat is transferred to or from the home to provide year-round comfort, no matter what the outdoor temperature is.

Thermostats and Accessories

We sell, service and repair Programmable Thermostats, Air Cleaners, Germicidal Light Systems, Humidifiers, Dehumidifiers, and Ventilators. All of these items greatly add comfort or cost savings. We'll be glad to review all options available.

  • Over 35 years experience installing and repairing GeoThermal Systems
  • Reduce utility bills 20-60%
  • Transfers the relatively stable temperature of the Earth to heat and cool
  • Quiet operation, no outdoor unit
  • Adjust temperatures for when you're home or awake with a programmable thermostat
  • Breath easy with an Air Cleaner or Ventilator
  • Be comfortable with the correct humidity
  • Save money

Preventative Maintenance

Phelps Heating and Air performs preventative maintenance on all heating and cooling systems. This is one of the most easily overlooked, yet most important items you can do for your HVAC system. Just like changing the oil in your car, you need to maintain your heating and cooling system. You've spent thousands of dollars on your system to be comfortable, don't risk inefficiency or worse, failure of your system due to neglect.

Neglecting necessary maintenance ensures a steady decline in air conditioning performance while energy use steadily increases. Keeping your system properly maintained will lower energy and repair costs, prevent breakdowns and prolong the life of your equipment. We recommend having this done to ensure your system maintains peak performance operations, keeping you comfortable while saving you money.

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